Thursday, July 10, 2008

Steven's Party

We finally got together with my side of the family (and a few friends) to celebrate Steven's 3rd birthday. I wish that I would have thought to take pictures of the kids while they were outside playing with water guns, eating, swimming, etc. I didn't even get a picture of the cake!!! I don't know exactly where my mind was that day, but it was the end of a very long week so try to forgive me. Basically, I just have pictures of Steven opening his presents and then he and Margaret playing with them later that day.

Getting ready to open presents

It feels so good to finally out-do the grandparents and have the coolest present. Steven opened it up and shouted "Bob the Builder!"

Steven's very cool Spiderman car

Steven got a cool car launcher, which he refers to as his car "beomer" ("beom" is the sound effect that he makes whenever he shoots anything.)

I don't know what he got in this shot; the cousins were just as excited about his presents as he was (if not more!)

Here's Bob the Builder and Wendy

Bob and Wendy working hard

Bob the Builder with no pants... very fetching

"Can we fix it? Yes we can!"


Kristi & Nathan said...

That cracks me up, Bob with no pants, very fetching! WAHAHAHA, you are hilarious! You have the cutest kids Audrey. When ya gonna let me come see them?!?!? J/K I know you're busy. But for real we want to come see the new place!