Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Out With the Diapers, In With the Potty

Steven's been potty training since Monday and, while Monday was wonderful, yesterday and today have been awful. Here are the stats as they stand:

Day 1: Successes - 8 Accidents - 0 Poop - 0

Day 2: Successes - 2 Accidents - 5 Poop - 1
(the biggest accident was the poop!)

Day 3: Successes - 1 Accidents - 0 Poop - 0
(for some reason, Steven held everything in until I put the Pull-Up on for nap-time, then he let it all out!)

I must say that I am completely exhausted from this, and I've even had John's help! This is why I have put it off for so long, because I just don't think that I have the stamina for this sort of thing right now. Needless to say, tomorrow is another day and I sure hope that it's a better one!

These were obviously taken on Monday... when everyone was still excited about potty training!


John Sabin said...

I was hoping you would blog about Steven's potty training adventures. A big part of the frustration has been our trying to get Steven to sleep in his own bed and what a joy that has been. Yikes! Good thing he is so darn cute and snuggly. I wish you luck today while I am at work.

Love you!

Bethanne said...

Hang in there...I would say some exciting words of enthusiasm, but you know my feeling of the dreaded potty-training terrors...sigh. But if anyone can do it, you can! Oh, I mean Steven can. :)

Kristi & Nathan said...

I don't have words of wisdom for you...sorry. I honestly don't remember all the details of potty training Chandler, just that when he was 3 I told him no more diapers and that was that. I'm sure he had accidents but I've blocked that out obviously! I have plenty of other battles that I deal with daily such as getting him to sleep in his own bed...and he's nearly 6! Plus he wets the bed at night still so he has to wear pull-ups nightly. Poor guy. Chin up, before you know it he will be a potty pro and this will all be a distant memory...and then you'll do it again with Margaret! Heehee ;)

Summer said...

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The Sabins said...

Ha ha - Save these for when he goes on his first date...

Yay for training!