Sunday, July 18, 2010

Girls Camp 2010

I had the opportunity to go to girls camp again this year, and I'm so glad that I went. It was truly an amazing experience for me. We came home last Saturday, so it's been a week, but the memories are still fresh on my mind. Because I went as a stake leader this year instead of a ward leader, my experience was very different. While I grew very close to the leaders and girls that I went with last year, this year I had the opportunity to experience that on a much greater scale. I can't begin to tell you how many new people I met (and instantly fell in love with) or how many friendships were strengthened as a result of camp. I loved getting to meet so many wonderful and amazing women (and men.) But I had so much fun with the girls too. Whoever said that serving in the Stake YW Presidency inhibits you from developing close relationships with the girls was wrong. I would see these girls at dances, activities, in the halls and at camp, and I feel like my relationships with them are "tight." I had so much fun with so many of the girls at camp... they are amazing.

Of course, as much fun as camp was for me, it was also a very bittersweet experience. Our family moved out of the Frisco stake at the end of June, so going to girls camp with them was sort of my final "hoorah." And now, doggone-it, I'm suffering from separation anxiety (or something.) I had this wonderful, fun, spiritual experience with so many great people and then I was released from my calling Saturday morning and drove home. Talk about a loooonng, hard, emotional drive home. I cried pretty much the entire way. When I drove away from camp, I felt like I had lost much more than a calling. But I can't go on about that or I'll start crying instead of typing and we all know that I'm way overdue for a blog post!

Here's a picture of our amazing Stake YW Presidency (minus the first counselor), our Stake High Councilman over YW, the Stake Presidency member over the youth and the Stake President

Our Stake YW Presidency: Me, Kristan Miller and Rachel Green
Stake High Councilman: Bro. Zollinger
(Some of the most amazing people I've ever met)

Rachel Green, President Alleman, Kristan Miller and Me
(Talk about an amazing man)

My girls... I miss you guys so much!