Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I can't believe my little girl turns 3 today. I've always been one of those moms that stands over my kids' beds at night and cries over how big they're getting. At least, most of the time. Margaret has been quite the pill since the day she was born and, I'll be honest, she and I just didn't get along very well. But something has changed over the last six months that has allowed she and I to finally bond. And since potty training earlier this month, she has been a completely different, happier little girl.

Three things you do that I love:

1) Get your Ariel doll and sing her song (when she's giving her voice to Ursula). You do it so "well" and you do it over and over and over... I love it.
2) Randomly run up to me, grab my face, and plant a huge wet kiss on my cheek. :)
3) At dinner time, you scoot your chair as close to me as possible and rest your hand on my leg.
Three of Margaret's favorite things:
1) Princesses
2) Clothes (especially princess clothes or clothes that mommy makes)
3) Playing superheroes with Steven

Three of your favorite foods:
1) Pancakes
2) Cereal
3) PB&J sandwiches
Three of your favorite colors:
1) Yellow
2) Blue
3) Red (notice these are Snow White colors)
Three nicknames that your family has for you:
1) sweet girl
2) ragamuffin
3) silly girl
Three words that express how I feel about you:
I love you. Happy Birthday, sweet girl.