Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Happy Birthday to Our Little Funnyface

My baby is all grown up. Okay, so that's a major exaggeration, but I really can't believe that she's actually 2! I seem to be saying this more and more the older I get, but time really does fly by too quickly.

We celebrated Margaret's birthday with family parties on Saturday and Sunday evening. True to form, she was an absolute ham as soon as she realized that she was the focus. Our little funnyface was the life of the party!

Since Monday was Margaret's actual birthday, John and I took her to the park while Steven was at school. It was really nice to have some alone time with her and I know that she enjoyed having both of us all to herself. And to finish her birthday off with a bang, we had a special Family Home Evening lesson celebrating Margaret! John and I talked about her birth while we showed pictures of her in my tummy and of her as a newborn. Then we shared some funny stories about her or funny sayings from the last year. After that we talked about how she is very forgiving and loving, just like Heavenly Father and Jesus. But I think Margaret's favorite part was the slideshow that I put together for her on the computer with pictures of her over the past year. She was so excited to see the little baby, but especially excited when she saw pictures of Mommy, Daddy or Steven. What a sweetie.

We love you, Margaret. Happy 2nd Birthday!