Friday, July 17, 2009

San Antonio

It's taken me awhile to post about our trip to San Antonio (since we have been back for two weeks now), but here it is... finally.

First of all, we had such a blast. Sea World was so much! This was the first time for all of us except John and already we can't wait to go back. We didn't really ride any rides, we just swam alot and went to a bunch of shows. Oh, and fed dolphins and sea lions. Feeding the dolphins was definitely Margaret's favorite part (aside from swimming). She loved seeing them so close up and she even got to touch one. Steven's favorite part was seeing Shamu, but I also think he loved riding all of the kiddie rides with Daddy. I really loved the Viva show with the dolphins and acrobats and of course anything that involved getting wet. Seeing the Alamo was fun, but I was so shocked with how small it was. Growing up learning about what took place there, I guess I just expected it to be much bigger. The riverwalk was alot of fun too, but it would be nice if there were signs somewhere letting you know that it's not really stroller-friendly. What could have been a very pleasant stroll turned into a stressful workout; but I did enjoy dinner and the boat tour. All in all, I loved our vacation and I was a little sad to come back to real life. It was fun to be together so much just having a good time. Can't wait to do it again.