Thursday, July 10, 2008

Please Don't Call CPS!

I went to Enrichment Tuesday night and left John with the kids. As I was uploading pictures onto the computer this afternoon, this is what I found (note: turn the music off at the bottom of the page before playing):

I'll have to ask John why Steven was so upset, but I guess he thought it would be funny to film the temper tantrum instead of trying to help. What is it with Dads, anyway?


Kathy said...

That was such a FAKE cry coming from Steven. John sounds like he has lots of patience. I would be grateful for that:)

John Sabin said...

Okay, let me set the story straight, here. As soon as Audrey left for Enrichment, Steven AND Margaret started with simultaneous tantrums. I tried to calm them down, but then I got really amused by the crying in stereo, that I thought it would be great to catch it on film for Audrey to show her what affect she had on the kids! :) Yes, I was very amused by the crying, and I was so disappointed when Margaret started crying really hard AFTER I turned off the camera! That was the whole point of filming--to get them both in the act. Maybe next time!