Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Song of the Week

"Happy Working Song" by Amy Adams

I was just thinking about the movie "Enchanted" this afternoon and how well it was done. After watching this and then going back and watching "Snow White", you can totally see who Amy Adams was copying with all of her silly hand movements and poses. I love this movie, and I love this song... it is absolutely hilarious! My favorite part is when she sings "So friends, even though you're vermin we're a happy working song." I don't know if you remember (or if you've even seen the movie) but she's cleaning the house with rats, pigeons and cockroaches, aka "vermin". Hilarious.


Kristi & Nathan said...

This song is so cute. My kids love this movie although I haven't seen it since my parents love to take them to every new movie that comes out. It's nice because it's a special something they do together but then I never see the movies and never know what the kids talking about later on when they're quoting the movie. I need to buy this one though so I can watch it.

The Sabins said...

We love this song; the kids just watched this movie last night! I thought she was really cute in this movie.