Thursday, July 10, 2008

Current Events

We've had lots of exciting things happening in the Sabin home lately. Last Thursday morning, Margaret woke up with little red spots on her arms and legs. I didn't know what to make of it and she was acting fine, so I didn't think anything of it. When she woke up that afternoon, they were everywhere. Here are the pictures:

I tried to call the doctor's office, but they were already closed for the holiday weekend. My mom came over and she said that they looked like hives and to dope Margaret up with Benedryl. By the time she woke up on Friday morning, I was so shocked that she wasn't screaming from the discomfort, it looked so bad. All of my family pitied her when we got together for the 4th, but other than being covered in huge red splotches, Margaret was her normal, cheesey self. By Saturday morning, most of the hives had cleared and everything was back to normal by Sunday morning. It was a little scary because I didn't know if my little girl had chicken pox or something, but everything turned out all right. We still don't know what the culprit was, though we have a few ideas.

Steven is continuing to potty train, though he pretty much has it down. He's still not pooping in the potty, so if anyone has any suggestions, let me know. He'll sit on the potty for so long and then poops as soon as he gets off and back into underwear. It drives me nuts, though I try not to show it. We haven't tried actual underwear during naps or at night yet, but I think we will soon because his pull-up is always dry when he wakes up and he uses the potty first thing. I think HE'S ready, I just need to get on board.

Showing off his big boy underwear

I walked in on Steven washing his hands like this, so of course I had to take a picture!

For FHE this week we had our Independence Day lesson and why we celebrate it. We had Watermelon for a treat with our dinner and things started to get a little crazy.

We only feed our children the rinds of the Watermelon. j/k

Margaret was doing something to make Steven really crack up

Apparantly I'm the only one that eats the red part

Oh well, Margaret seems to like the rinds!


Kathy said...

First of all Margret is making the cutest face- ever in that picture. Second, the only potty advice I have is my experience with Emma. She told me she was scared to go poo on the potty so one day I just made her stay there, like held her in place until she did it. I encouragingly said, see you are doing it, its ok it doesnt hurt etc. Then when she realized she could do it and it was ok. She has been fully potty trained ever since.