Monday, June 16, 2008

Song of the Week

"Life's Not a Race" by 311

I was introduced to 311 in college by some of the guys in drumline with me. They were all obsessed over Chad Sexton, the drummer. I must admit, he is pretty awesome. His rolls, flams, cheeses and diddles are some of the best that I've heard; all very tight (those are all percussion terms, for those who don't know). Alot of their music is simply unlistenable due to too much profanity, but every once in awhile there comes along a jewel that I can actually listen to (or others that aren't too bad). I think I've admitted this before, but 311 is a guilty pleasure of mine. As soon as I heard them for the first time, I really fell in love with their raggae/rap/rock style. At the time, it was very original and I love to listen to it.