Thursday, June 5, 2008

Lessons Learned

Here are 10 things that I've learned as a result of our move from an apartment into a house:

10. Just because its free doesn't mean its good
9. Don't get a bigger moving truck than you can use or lots of stuff gets broken
8. Never own a glass dining table... (sorry, Dan I had to add it! But I really did hate the table anyway! I promise!)
7. The Elder's Quorom and Family are priceless and deserve much thanks.
6. Never try to move (including all packing, phone calls, etc) in 3 days...
5. Almost doubling your square footage, gaining 3 extra (and free) parking spaces, and having a yard are sooooooooo worth the trouble of moving!
4. Just because the doors of the bedrooms are "split" doesn't mean you aren't still right next to your kids' rooms.
3. Make sure that you move into a clean house so that you don't spend an entire day cleaning your apartment in order to get your deposit back (thanks again, Kanzlers!) and then have to turn around and clean your entire house before you can put things away. (If I see another pair of yellow cleaning gloves I think I'll throw myself out the window... wait, we're on the first floor now...)
2. I'm so glad to have such a wonderful husband who was willing to take on so much of the planning/grunt work of the actual move. I love you, John! Thank you for working so hard!
1. It feels really good knowing that you are doing what the Lord has in mind for you and your family. Even if things don't always look good on paper, if you follow the promptings of the spirit, you will be blessed.