Friday, November 4, 2011

"The Comment"

Okay, so it's been almost a year since my last post (pitiful, I know), and in that time Blogger has changed alot! I had no idea that I had to approve people's comments before they would be posted to my site as a way to filter spam. One day last week I decided to login to my dashboard just on a whim and saw that I had 400 comments waiting to be posted to my site! Granted, most of it was junk, but there were comments from some of you out there that I didn't even know were floating around in cyberspace. I was so delighted to read those hidden gems, that it set my mind to thinking ("A dangerous pastime, I know." From Beauty and the Beast.)
We all know that wonderful feeling when we go to check in to our blog and we see that we have 2 comments. "Two comments!", you might say to yourself. "I wonder who's been checking in on me!?!" And as you click on the comments link to see who they are, your heart begins to race and a small smile forms at the corners of your mouth in anticipation of a giggle to an inside joke. And then you read your comments, and for that brief moment a wave of love for that person, no matter who they are, washes over you and all seems right with the world.

Everyone loves the euphoric "2 comments" feeling, just as we all despise the disheartening "zero comment" experience. Come on, we all know that one, too. To put it simply: 0+0=0. "I have zero comments which means zero people are thinking of me, therefore I am a zero." Slight exaggeration as this might be, it's not far from the thoughts that go through some of our minds as we read "0 comments." The thought is fleeting and inconsequential, but we experience it just the same: brief disappointment.

Ahhhhhh, the power of "The Comment." For good or for bad, that guy has worked it's way into our sense of well-being in these modern times. Someone needs to remind him that "With great power comes great responsibility."


Amy K said...

Welcome back!!! I check your blog every few months and I'm so disappointed that you haven't been there! Keep it up! I miss you. Glad I get to gather bits and pieces of your life from John once a week at piano lessons. :)
That "comments" thing is so true! You said it perfectly. I love it. I frequently have "0 comments" at my blog. I guess it makes the occassional comment from a loved one (or even a lurker) mean that much more. :)

Jeni said...

I second your comment comment! Buuut, I can't comment if you don't blog! Now get some picturesof your kids on here!