Sunday, December 19, 2010

December Fun

Is it just me, or has the month of December just snuck by? The last thing I remember is Black Friday shopping and now here it is, the 19th of December and Christmas is this week! I mean, what happened!?!? Of course, I should feel like it's creeping by because I'm at that point in my pregnancy where everyone always asks "So, ready to have that baby?" or "You're still pregnant?", and such. For anyone whose ever been pregnant, you know that those questions get real old, real fast. But just so that the whole world knows, I'm going in tomorrow morning to be naturally induced. What this means is that we might have a baby tomorrow and we might not (though I'm counting on it.) So if we do, everyone will be getting birth announcements in the near future. (Of course, I guess you will be no matter what b/c he's got to come at some point, right!?!? I mean, no one's ever been pregnant forever!)

In the process of this month flying by we've had alot of fun, too. Christmas parties, tree decorating, visiting Santa and lounging around the house. (We actually do that alot right now b/c Mommy's feet swell up like apples when I walk around too much. In fact, it's not unusual to hear Margaret say "Mommy, are your feet turning into apples now?" So here are just a few pictures of our fun month so far:

Steven's smile while playing Lego Star Wars

Margaret's silly smile while dancing like Santa

Steven's big grin while decorating the tree

Margaret decorating the tree

Margaret going for the pinata at the church Christmas party

Steven's pal Charlie at the Christmas party

Margaret telling Santa that she wants a Bathtime Ariel for Christmas

Steven and Santa smiling for the camera: perfect!
Have a Merry Christmas!


John Sabin said...

This has been a very fun month! I've enjoyed it with you and the kids. Love you!

Jeni said...

You look so good aud!
Thanks for starting to blog again. We miss you guys!

Kristi said...

Steven and Margaret are so stinkin' cute! Cute pictures, fun times. December HAS flown by, it's so crazy. Good luck with baby boy, I hope he comes soon!

Amy K said...

cute cute cute!

So glad little Joshua made it before Christmas. What a good kiddo! So thoughtful of him. :) I hope you are enjoying him. What a perfect Christmas gift. Love you!

Amy K said...

okay, I just read your kids' quotes on the side of your blog. So funny! I mean, HILARIOUS!

Amy K said...

Cute Christmas pics!! Hope all is well with little Joshua - growing up too quickly I'm sure. Miss you!

Charles said...

Hey, Audrey! How's that baby doing? Getting any sleep yet?