Saturday, August 16, 2008

A Tough Decision

John and I don't really watch alot of TV... honestly. We usually just pop a movie in if we want to watch anything, so we never really know what's going on in the TV world. About a month ago we were stumped on what movie to get from Netflix , so John's sister recommended we start watching a few tv shows. At the top of her list were "The Office" and "24". After looking into both of them, we decided to go with "24" since I was already familiar with the creative team behind it (they were the same guys that did "La Femme Nikita", one of my favorite shows in college.) We ordered the the first 4 episodes of season 1... it came in the mail... we popped some popcorn... got out the pillows and blankets... and we were set to go. By the time the first episode ended, John and I were both sitting up straight on the couch with the covers thrown off and just staring at each other with the same word on our lips... "Wow!" It was so good and mind-blowing. I hadn't really known what to expect, but I certainly didn't expect it to be so focused on the family relationship. Before I get into the pros and cons of the show, I just want to clarify that we have just finished season 2 and we've mutually agreed to put the show on hold for awhile... we need a break.

I want to list the positives about this show first:
1. Characters in this show are constantly faced with really hard, moral dilemmas concerning what is best for the most people... even if it means that someone (even someone you know) might die
2. I love watching shows in which the military/armed forces are depicted as the real heroes that they are; not blundering idiots. It fills me with a certain sense of patriotism, which I love.
3. It is very moving to watch a family that was broken come together even closer than before due to very stressful and trying circumstances. I would have to say that THAT particular story line was the most endearing part of the entire show for me... especially when the mom and daughter who used to never get along were about to be killed together and the camera focuses on them holding hands just before they are about to die. Where's the tissue?
4. The mystery and suspense is certainly not lacking, for those of us who really get into that sort of thing

And now the negatives:
1. I would have to say that my number one problem with this show is the blatant lack of reverence for the sanctity of life. People literally die left and right in this show, and it's usually in a very graphic way. I understand that Jack Bauer is dealing with the most evil people in the world, but really.... enough is enough.
2. Waaaayyyy too much torture going on for me; especially in season 2. I think we counted 4 seperate torture situations in season 2 and all of them were very graphic and very looong. I just can't handle that kind of stuff. (On a positive note, however, there was a stark difference between how the good guys tortured someone and how the bad guys did.)
3. This show really did give me nightmares and made it hard for me to leave my children and go to bed at night. I was constantly thinking of all of the bad things that could happen to them because of all of the evil people in the world that we are just oblivious to. I remember balling my eyes out one night while praying before I went to bed just begging Heavenly Father to please keep my children safe and never let anything like that happen to them. Not something that I really like to dwell on, you know...

So John and I decided to stop watching "24" because we felt like it really wasn't inviting the spirit into our home or putting us into the right frame of mind for the next day. I know that may not be the decision for everyone, but it's what we decided would be best for our home.


Kristi & Nathan said...

So many people have told me to watch this show but I never have...after hearing what you said I won't! I am like you and don't like to be reminded of what kind of sickos there are in the world, even if it is all fictional. Thanks for posting this!

Bethanne said...

And it really doesn't get any is sad that we can become so de-synthesized (sp) to violence just because it is know? You've got to do what is best for you and the Spirit in your home!

Kathy said...

Thanks for this post! Yall are awesome. If you want something to watch you should watch The XFiles starting with season 1. We started in season 1 & so far we are loving it. It is so old that they don't show the gore and it really is interesting.

mormonbradybunchdad said...

I say watch it!