Monday, August 18, 2008

Checking In

I posted recently about our plans to improve our family prayer and scripture study and I just wanted to check in for accountability purposes. We've been doing great! Since starting with the star chart at the beginning of the month, we've only missed one day and that was because we were out shopping all day (tax-free weekend) and then we went to a baptism the same night. By the time we got home it was just too late. John and I actually came up with some really fun ideas for our scripture study to try and make it more meaningful for Steven and to help him remember the stories that we read. During the last Worldwide Leadership Training meeting, Julie B. Beck said something about reading kids stories from the gospel art picture kits while they're young. So here's the plan that John and I came up with:

First of all, we decided to focus on the same story for the entire week to give Steven the opportunity to really remember what we're learning about. It wasn't until the fourth or fifth day that Steven realized that it was the same story, which was proof for us that repetition was a good thing.

Next, we came up with different ways to present the story for each day of the week:
1. Look at the picture from the gospel art picture kit and read the story on the back as an intro (we keep the picture displayed on an easel throughout the week to facilitate conversations or questions)
2. Draw/Color a scene from the story (then we display the pics somewhere prominent in the house)
3. Read the story in the scriptures (or a few excerpts, if it's a story that comprises several chapters, such as Jesus teaching the Nephites)
4. Act out the story/Role play (this is Steven's favorite part)
5. Discuss what lessons we learn from this particular story
6. Take turns telling the story to each other from memory
7. Read the story from the scriptures again (with the intent that this time around names and events will sound more familiar and recognizable)

Reading the scriptures this way as a family really has been so enjoyable, I must say. And I have definitely noticed a change in our home as a direct result; a recognizable increase in the spirit. Amazing how that works....

What are some ways that your family studies the scriptures together? Or do you have any suggestions for us on how to tweak ours up a bit?


The Sabins said...

Sounds like you ae doing great!

I like the idea of reading from the GAPK...I think we will add that in! no ideas for you here...sorry.

We're lucky enough to have lot of FHE folders and packets pre-made and ready to go (many due to the work of grandma!). One of the most successful our kids remember has been the prayer train...I just know Steven would love that so you'll have to come over and make one sometime with us!

Audrey said...

Sounds great! Let's do it!

Julie said...

That sounds awesome! I think having a plan is 75% of the battle. Something that our kids love is if we have them listen for a particular word in the verses we read. We have them raise their hands or touch their heads or something like that when they hear the word. It's especially fun if the word is in the verses multiple times. Also, Scott will sometimes toss their names into the reading just to see if they're paying attention, which they love. An example is "Katie-hemla" instead of Zarahemla. It shakes things up a bit.
Way to go with your cute family!! You're doing such a great job!