Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I'm getting so old!

I was out weeding the flower beds this afternoon and feeling pretty good with all that I was accomplishing. But when I came in and finished cleaning up, I couldn't bend over and my feet were killing me! I remember (not so long ago) when I could work out in the yard forever and sure, be a little sore, but nothing like this. Man!!!! I'm getting OLD!!! This has nothing to do with the fact that I'll just be that much closer to 30 this week (yeah, right.) Or that I'm the unhealthiest that I've ever been in my life right now. Or, now that I think about it, maybe I just did too much too soon after surgery. But let's face it, there's just not time to sit around on your duff and let the weeds grow (or the house get dirty, or the kids go unfed, etc...). Especially when the HOA is breathing down your neck to fix the garden beds, even if you have only lived in the neighborhood for a few months and still recovering from the move, financially. Sure, just let me go and spend $80 bucks that I don't have on mulch, tools, gloves and everything that I would need to accomplish the job because we have nothing (a plus for living in an apartment) on hand. I have to admit that these beds are atrocious and I was already planning on fixing them up, but not yet, for crying out loud! Oh well, that's life. Do you have any HOA horror stories to share? :)


Kristi & Nathan said...

Not really horror stories but they are surely particular about the yard! We used to get notices on our door all the time because our beds were so gross. I do not have a green thumb and Nathan didn't care what they looked was frustrating. At least they are trying to keep the neighborhood looking nice although it isn't really convenient for you, the homeowner. Maybe give them a call to explain your situation. And take it easy for cryin' out loud!