Friday, February 1, 2008

Family Pictures

John has informed me that I need to put some more family pics on my blog, so this is just for you, dear. :)

Here's a picture of Margaret, our little ham, in the bath. She's progressed to the big tub and now takes baths with Steven, and let me tell you, she is definitely a water baby!

Here's Steven on Christmas day with a very cheesy grin on his face. What did he get? Thomas trains! It's not even funny, the amount of Thomas stuff that he got for Christmas!


Julie Gropp said...

Love the pictures! Keep 'em coming!

Kristi said...

These are so cute, Margaret is such a doll! It's fun seeing your kids through pictures, since I don't ever see them in person so keep posting more! And maybe we really can get together soon ;)