Monday, September 1, 2008

Yeah for Scanners!

John and I finally got a new scanner so that I can load our wedding pics and his mission pics onto the computer. 'Cus... you know... digital is better.... right? Three cheers for scanners! :-)

The Lovebirds (picture #1 is proof why you should never go on a diet right before your wedding...and after the fitting.)
This is pretty much the only picture of me that I actually like.

My GQ Man... Ouch!!!


Angel Rogers said...

Gorgeous! Its nice to see your beginning.

John Sabin said...


I'm glad you are scanning these in. I've gotta say... you are drop-dead gorgeous, and I am happy to see these lovely pictures of you again. I can't get over those beautiful nails! Can't wait to see more additions to the blog. Send me a copy of one or two so that I can put them on my desktop!

Okay, back to studying for seminary.

I love you so much,

Anonymous said...

Man you both were so young.......and now you both are so OLD!!

Audrey said...

Okay, anonymous, you're really killing me. Who are you!?!?!?!

Kristi said...

I like that pic of you too, it's very pretty. And might I say that you have the sweetest husband! Leaving you such nice blog comments, what a nice guy! You 2 are so cute together :)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous say - you knot know me. That whi I anonymous.

I wish I could clip newspaper letters and paste them into your blog for my comments. I think you have missed some of my other comments.

You both are so old now. I think you have gray hair, right?

emblair said...

I love wedding pictures! Except for my own because it rained all day and we don't have any...maybe that's why I love everyone else's so much. Gotta live vicariously I guess!

You two look fabulous!