Thursday, September 18, 2008

Behold Your Little Ones

I just wanted to let everyone know that you can access the new 2009 Nursery Manuals through the church website: I have to say that I love this manual. While the old manuals were good, this new manual is excellent. I love how short the lessons are, yet they are still so rich with doctrine. I also love the new lesson topics. Again, while the old ones were alot of fun, the new topics cover so many important things like "I Will Take Care of My Body" and "Heavenly Father Blesses Me Through the Priesthood." I am sad that Steven will be graduating into Sunbeams in January so that he won't have the opportunity to participate in these lessons at church. But one of my favorite resources for our Family Home Evening Lessons has always been the Primary 1 lesson manual, and I'm so excited to get to incorporate this awesome new resource into our lessons too!

Also, I've added a list of links down and to the left that I like to use for planning FHE lessons. There are lots of great ideas at these sites/blogs so be sure to check them out!


Bethanne said...

Yeah, this manual is awesome. I think we're going to start using it during FHE.