Thursday, May 15, 2008

Published Artist

My sister-in-law Lisa is a VERY gifted artist and just finished her degree at BYU. She is now working for the Dallas Observer and this week she secured the cover with one of her illustrations. Lisa says "I did an illustration for the cover of the Dallas Observer, where I work, this week. I attached a jpeg for your viewing pleasure. I am very pleased with it, and the fact that our newspaper's ciculation is about 90,000, so lots of people will see it! The feature story is about the writer attending our Texas Scarborough Faire and becoming a "monster hunter" for the weekend. She specializes in zombie and ogre killing and is basically the Trinity (from the Matrix) of the Faire, so the fun comic-book style is appropriate. Thanks for looking!"

Congratulations, Lisa!!!


The Sabins said...

OMG Our quotes are almost exactly the same! Great

Audrey Sabin said...

That's because I copied and pasted from your blog! LOL!

Anonymous said...

She did a fantastic job. The only thing that could have made it better was the monster hunters being added. (just kidding.)

Please let her know the piece was excellent.

Dan Carro
Mythical Monster Museum