Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Hunt is On!

John and I have finally scheduled to look at houses this Friday with a realtor. We're going to check out a few houses in Little Elm, one in Frisco and a few on the Frisco edge of McKinney . I'm starting to get very anxious about not knowing where we're going to be in a month's time, so I'm really pressuring John to get things going. It's been hard to schedule time to go and look b/c he's been so busy with finishing up school, but he's done after tomorrow... WOOHOO! We both really wanted to stay in this area, but after dedicating an entire day exhausting all of my resources, I came up with one house in our price range and it won't even be ready to look at until the end of the month. I can't wait that long! So now John and I are having a hard time deciding where exactly we should end up. Unfortunately, we both have a hard time settling for an old, smaller house, which rules out The Colony, Plano and most affordable parts of Lewisville. That leaves only the areas that are growing, which are Frisco, Little Elm and McKinney. While we would both prefer Frisco over the other two, there is NOTHING in Frisco at the moment (which stinks.) So we'll probably end up in either Little Elm or McKinney. Finding a home and moving is such a tiring and stressful process, but I know that we're doing what is right for our family and I know that we will be so blessed in so many ways once we move into a home.


Julie Gropp said...

How exciting! We didn't buy our first house until we had been married over 7 years. Make sure you put up some pictures when you move in!

Bethanne said...

WAHOO! Hope the search goes well, you pray about them, and I'm sure you'll find the one that is right for you! Seriously, after being in our house for about one week (only), I was already having de ja vu and non-existent memories come we had been in the house for ages. Does that make sense? It just solidified that it was the right decision for us! :) Good luck!

The Sabins said...

VERY exiciting - cannot wait! Hey...what's wrong with an older house!!?? elitist! ;) jk

Happy hunting!