Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sick Sabins

The past two weeks in the Sabin household have been so fun for us. Margaret has been miserable with earaches that went away but I think might be coming back again; then Steven had some sort of stomach virus that kept him vomiting all of the time and extra grumpy; then to top it all off, I had some sort of 24-hour virus (that ended up being more like 48- or 72-hours) and I'm just getting better, too. Thank goodness that John was off this week for spring break so that he could take care of all of us... he was such a trooper!

The only way that Margaret would go to sleep.

Margaret checking her own temperature.

My poor little guy!


Bethanne said...

I hope you guys are feeling better now. After having similar occurrences to Jax' bronchiolitis, I think that he might have severe allergies. He has been sneezing like it is his job and his eyes have been watering too. Sick kids are no fun!