Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Getting to Know Steven

Eye Color: green with yellow sunbursts

Favorite Shows: Thomas the Tank Engine, Caillou, Bob the Builder and Super Why
Favorite Movies: Finding Nemo, Cars and Sleeping Beauty (he loves the dragon!)
Favorite Food: apparantly none at the moment; he says that he doesn't like it, no matter what I give him (unless its sugar, of course)
Favorite Toys/Games: Thomas the Tank Engine (with or without the tracks), cars, Hide-and-go-seek with Mommy and Daddy and finding the dragon that lives under his bed
Favorite Books: any Thomas books, How do Dinosaurs Eat Their Food?, In the Garden and stories from "his magazine", the Friend
What you May Not Know: Steven is very snuggly and still gets away with sleeping with Mommy and Daddy sometimes b/c Mommy secretly likes it (except when he kicks me in the back!)
Our Favorite Traits: very funny and loves to make anyone laugh, but I absolutely love that he has always been a people person. Ever since I can remember, he has always tried to make friends with everyone and has never really suffered from shyness.

Steven is growing up so fast and I can really see it in the crazy things that he says everyday. When I was trying to get him to eat his lunch today he said "Mom, I'm just so busy." I love hearing the things that he comes up with. He's also always singing some song or another (or one song to the tune of another!), which is highly entertaining (hmmmm, I wonder where he got that from!?!?!). I love my sweet boy and I hope that he always lets me call him that (he tells me that he will.)