Saturday, June 2, 2012

Steven Turns 7

Steven turned 7 in the middle of last month, and he was finally able to have his birthday party last Saturday. He chose to have a Lego Ninjago birthday party this year. Unfortunately, there aren't many Lego Ninjago party decorations aren't there, so I was forced to get creative this year. This is where PAINT.NET (a free photo software for those of us who can't afford Adobe Photoshop) became my best friend. I created my own set of Ninja eyes, as well as cupcake toppers and images for the bunting. I think that everything turned out really well and, most importantly, Steven and his friends and cousins had a blast!

Steven sporting the Birthday shirt that I made for him. The other side has a "7".

Here's a close-up of the bunting that I made.

And the entire bunting, which is made from scrapbook paper.

I made a stand out of Sensei Wu and then placed it around the balloon weight.

The handmade cupcake toppers that I'm pretty proud of.

And again.

The goodie bags with my handmade eyes (also seen on the bunting above and the balloons below.)

Steven put these little guys out to decorate the table.

Ninjago balloons!

The table.

My handsome son. :)
 This was, by far, the easiest birthday party that I've ever done. After presents, I sent the kids outside to play in the water and then we eventually broke for cake and ice cream. Easy-peasy. I don't know how many times I've tried to have a water party for this guy and it inevitably gets rained out. This year, I guess lady luck was on our side!

My handsome guy.

Gearing up to shoot some unsuspecting someone.


Margaret eating her cupcake.

Joshua being himself!
Happy Birthday, Steven! We all love you so much and I am so grateful to you for making me a mother. This family just wouldn't be the same without you. - Love, Mom