Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Walking Contradiction

I love music.

I love just about all styles of music aside from Rap, R&B and twangy country. And when I say that I LOVE all other styles of music, I don't just mean that I'll listen to it if nothing else is on, but I really, truly, passionately (or "truly, madly, deeply" in the words of Savage Garden) LOVE each style for what they are and what they have to offer me, as a listener.

I was thinking about this during my run this morning and came to the conclusion that I, my friends, am a walking contradiction. In my previous post, I spent a long time rationalizing why movies should be made of tougher stuff to be considered great, particularly when it comes to character and morality. However, I don't hold these same high standards for myself when it comes to music. I really love heavy, heavy music.

There it is. I said it.

Linkin Park

The list goes on... and on. But I have to say that of all of the heavy music that I like 311 and Incubus are my favorites. Why? Because when they came out, what they were doing was new and different and fresh. Not just straight rock but alt-rock meets hip-hop meets rap meets ska meets raggae meets funk. Gotta love it!

However, we all know that heavy music isn't always paired with moral messages (unless you're listening to Christian Rock, which I do on occassion to try and get my fix without the negative lyrics.) Does this stop me from listening to this type of music? On occassion, and definitely if my kids are around. Does this stop me from LOVING this type of music? No. Absolutely not.

Let me know if you feel this way too, but I am really MOVED by music. In a way that nothing else can move me. And I find it much easier for male singers to move me than female ones. There are only a handful of female pop singers that I actually like (not all from this era) and all are because they move me and speak to me. I don't know, I guess when I hear a woman sing, I really want her voice to be beautiful because of the types of emotions that I want to experience when I hear a woman sing. A man, however, is a totally different ballgame. Sure, I like it when men have beautiful voices too (my husband has a beautiful voice), but there is just something about a man with a gravely singing voice.

I think I got a little off-topic so I'll just end it with this: apparently it's easier to entertain me with music than it is with film.


Jeni said...

brian just made me throw away my linkin park cds. he said we shouldn't have them around. I was bummed

emblair said...

Jeremy and I had box seats to an Incubus concert a few years back. Totally awesome! They are up there on my list too. My faves probably aren't quite so heavy, but can't go wrong with Radiohead, or Eddie Vedder, or Crash Test Dummies, or Alice in Chains, or....I could name quite a few more! Good to hear that you're not quite as selective with your music. JK! :)

Alma said...

I have to agree. I have the same challenge with music. Kelly gives me ahard time about it but Linkin Park really pushes me when I run. Right about now, I'm just glad something motivates me to hit the road. I love music. I don't think I could run without it.

Bethanne said...

That is kind of funny...I think I am slightly more opposite, but I every one of us has our little quirks, eh?!

The Sabins said...

Oh you know I adore me some rock music...esp on the ipod for running!

amy k said...

I have always loved your honesty. I miss you!! I love checking your blog. It makes me feel like you still live 'round these parts. :)