Monday, January 26, 2009

For Lack of Anything Better to Say

I've been getting a few snyde remarks about not posting anything new to my blog in awhile, so I'm just gonna go for it, even if it's not that interesting.

John and I started doing Weight Watchers together last week (though I unofficially started at the beginning of the month.) His goal is to lose 5 pounds and let's just say that after the first week, he's .5 lb away from his goal (if only that could be me.) Since the beginning of the month I've lost almost 10 pounds! (Only 45 more to go until I hit goal.) Of course, my goal weight of 160 is something that I haven't weighed since I was like 12 years old (I jest not.) I didn't even weigh that little in college when I was working out several times a day everyday for rowing and karate. Needless to say, I'm a little apprehensive about reaching my goal, but I'm dedicated, so we'll see how it goes... I'll keep you posted.

Over the Christmas holiday (on Christmas Day, actually) I rolled my ankle pretty badly while playing laser tag with my brother and brother-in-law in the dark outside. (NOTE: Chad wanted me to add that he and Stewart were kicking mine and Patrick's rears. Oh, and Chad was also the first one on the scene to rescue me after I flew into a fence while falling down.) Though I've been treating it pretty well, my ankle has been really slow to heal. Last week was the first time I wore heels to church and it was very painful; I'm sure people were wondering why I was walking so funny. This morning was the first time that I've tried to exercise since Christmas and it was definitely not a pleasant experience. Every so often I'll turn my leg just so and then fall to the floor from the excruciating pain. You'd think it would be healed after a month, but I guess not. Sheesh! It's very inconvenient.

I finally finished putting together our Shutterfly calendar, and in the process came across some really great photos of the kids. The both got pretty big gifts this year, especially from grandma and grandpa. These are pictures of them enjoying those gifts. Aren't they so cute!?!

Steven REALLY loves his new bike!

"Do I look handsome, Mommy?"

"Ride 'em cowboy!"

"Ahhhh, I love the feel of the wind in my hair."


Brian, Jeni, Nat, and Stephen said...

I love the wind shot Margaret!! And nice on the 10 lbs! That is awesome!! I hate goal weights. I can never get to them and I end up just eating something like icecream to feel better about myself, which of course never works out the way I wanted to since I feel sick afterwards and fat.
BUT good for you and you are looking great! AS for those heels, YES i was wondering why you were walking so funny, I just thought it was cause you cant walk in heels! haha

emblair said...

Steven looks like a stud, and Margaret is a doll! You'd better hide that pony if Molly ever comes over, cause I'm sure she would convince herself it's for her! And look at you go with the Weight Watchers. You rock! And you probably never weighed that when you were rowing and doing karate cause you had so much awesome muscle!

P.S. Hope the ankle feels better soon!

Anonymous said...

Boy, your brother in law is like........a hero!! It sounds like he saved your life after he kicked your butt at laser tag.

Audrey said...

Sheesh, you are such a dork, Chad. You've been waiting how long for me to post that?

Anonymous said...

Who is this Chad you speak of????

Kristi said...

Yea I was wondering what happened to you! I was going to email you and ask. You go girl, losing 10 lbs isn't easy! I'm so happy for you! And men, the way they can drop weight just makes me ill. But I'm glad that John lost the weight anyway, even if I am a little bitter. ;) Just kidding. Nathan and I have been dieting too and I know he's going to kick my can! The kid's pics are too cute, Margaret is getting way too big!! Glad to hear from you!

Bethanne said...

Nice work losing the weight, Audrey! I've been throwing up for a month and still gaining weight...go figure!

Margaret's hair is getting SO long. Wow.

Alma said...

Hi Audrey! I finally started my blog. It's
Nothing fancy but it's a start. As much as I would love to see the scale go down as you are currently experiencing, mine is just going up. I know you will reach your goal. Anytime you are determined to do something, you accomplish it. So just be patience. As for John, well he's a guy! That's all I have to say. They can lose weight by skipping a meal. Keep up the great work! Chat with you soon!