Monday, April 28, 2008

A Heart-Attack Waiting to Happen

Last Sunday I made chili and cornbread for dinner. We ate sort of late and John had to rush off for a rehearsal, so it was just me and the kids. I told Steven that I would be right back to finish our dinner together, if he would just let me go put Margaret down for bed. While putting on her pajamas, I hear Steven from the dining room say "Mmmmm, I really like butter." Oh great, I think. When I come out to see what he is talking about, his face is buried in the tub of butter and he's (very noisily) slurping it up! When I say "Steven! What are you doing!?!", he looks up and has runny, melted butter all around his face and running down his chin! I really wanted to take a picture so that I could post it on here, but somehow I didn't think that would send the right message across. Fortunately, we had another thing of butter in the fridge, so I just threw it away. I couldn't believe that my son did that! I've heard stories of kids eating butter before, in fact my oldest niece used to when she was younger. But it was always with their fingers, not their faces! Leave it to my son to eat a year's worth of butter in one sitting.


Bethanne said...

Oh, yeah. My kids love sour cream. Yours love butter. They are definitely a match made in heaven. And obesity knocking at the door. hahahahaha.

Julie Gropp said...

Love it! It is hard to resist taking a picture of something that funny, but you're right. He might think it was too funny and do it again.